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Should I Rent or Buy My Vehicle?

At Vimont Toyota Laval, we know that shopping for a new vehicle isn’t as easy as just picking your favourite. With the wide variety of terms, prices and conditions, it’s often hard to know where to get started! Deciding between leasing or financing your next vehicle is a big decision, so be sure to read below for some tips and tricks about which option might be right for you.

For customers looking for the most value for their money without the hassles of ownership, leasing is the way to go.

When you lease a vehicle, you don’t own it, and are only paying for the portion of the vehicle’s value that you use. You’ll be saving money down the line, as you’re not investing in your vehicle’s resale value and long-term maintenance. While there can be some restrictions on mileage, and you’ll be liable for any damage to your vehicle, the simplicity of a lease is attractive to those who see their car as a daily utility, and not an investment. Plus, lease terms are generally shorter than their financing counterparts, so you can get a new vehicle more often.

For those who prefer to own a vehicle and sell it themselves when they’re done, financing offers the total freedom of vehicle ownership.

When you’ve finished financing your Toyota vehicle, it’s yours, period. Modify it, paint it, sell it – the choice is yours! And with no restrictions on mileage, your vehicle is yours to do with as you wish. By investing in ownership, you’ll reap the rewards of your vehicle’s resale value, and are free to pass it on to children or family when you get a new one.

Although Vimont Toyota Laval offers great prices and low rates for both financing and leasing, knowing the difference between the two is the key to knowing which option is right for you. When you’re confident in your decision, or if you have any questions about the leasing or financing process, contact Vimont Toyota Laval today!

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