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Toyota was busy at the Tokyo Motor Show

October 31 2017,

Toyota was busy at the Tokyo Motor Show +

Japanese manufacturer Toyota took advantage of the Tokyo Motor Show to unveil a variety of concepts that suggest the future direction of Toyota on several levels, whether in terms of style, engines or urban mobility.

With three groundbreaking concepts, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Toyota stole the show this year at the Tokyo International Auto Show.

A hydrogen concept vehicle

Let's start with the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride, a vehicle powered by a fuel cell engine that integrates with the wheels and that allows the vehicle to travel about 1,000 kilometers. To fuel the Fine-Comfort Ride, you need to fill up with hydrogen which takes about 3 minutes, about the same time as it takes to refuel a traditional vehicle. That said, it is a hydrogen vehicle and so it emits no pollution.

In the cockpit, the Fine-Comfort Ride offers modular seats that are positioned in the shape of a diamond to accentuate interior space and comfort, especially in the second row. The seats can also swivel.

Toyota GR HV SPORTS Concept

Toyota did not want to confirm, but many believe that the Toyota GR HV SPORTS concept could be a new generation of the Toyota 86. Ultimately, the concept is based on the Toyota sports coupe, but its vocation is even sportier.

A hybrid engine can be found under the hood while in the cabin, several elements suggest the aggressive personality of the GR HV SPORTS. One only has to think of the starter button which is located on the gear lever of the manual gearbox.

Toyota TJ Cruiser

Do you miss the FJ Cruiser? Say hello to the TJ Cruiser. Toyota wanted to create a vehicle that offers the versatility of a minivan with the style and ruggedness of a SUV. Powered by a hybrid engine that combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric motor, the TJ Cruiser is also equipped with all-wheel drive.

With the TJ Cruiser, everything is set up to ensure unparalleled versatility and thus allow the owner to enjoy his or her favorite hobbies, or to get to work. The tailgate and trunk can accommodate a surfboard, bikes or other equipment.

The concepts revealed in Tokyo by Toyota prove that the Japanese manufacturer is still able to develop vehicles that meet a wide range of diverse needs. While waiting to see these models on our roads, come and meet us today at Vimont Toyota Laval to discover the full range of new Toyota vehicles!

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